A show and a campaign to connect people to something greater than themselves.

Task at hand: 
In the month of February, Discovery Channel in association with Oprah Winfrey Network came up with a show different from everything else before. The famous talk show host and actress, Oprah Winfrey presented this show called ‘Belief’. It was a unique show exploring humankind’s search to connect with something greater than ourselves.

What we did:
To promote this special show, we wanted to do something different and meaningful. After a night full of brainstorming, we came up with two unique ideas to promote the show.

At first, we started with a small content strategy called ‘Words of Belief’. Here, we created words that rightly define an individual or a specific situation that would otherwise be difficult to describe using the known words. These words revolved around the concept of the show and to be more specific, most of these words were portmanteaus, which are what you get when you mash both the sounds and meanings of two words together to get a new one.

This content strategy was then followed by a photo shoot. For each episode of Belief, we made a poster related to the show. With a professional photo shoot, we made seven posters of Love, Faith, Spirituality, Peace, Hope, Sacrifice and Change. These posters explained the words and the episode in a whole different way accompanied by thought-provoking captions.

The response for these posters was tremendous. Fans on Discovery Channel India page shared these posters and replied with overwhelming comments. Apart from reaching out to 2 million people and creating 3 million impressions, we managed to create an impact on an international level as we got the Discovery international page to share these posters on their Facebook page.

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