Cricket Commentary as entertaining as the match.

Task at hand:
With India in the semi-finals of ICC World T20 and the social media world going crazy over the world cup fever, we took up the challenge ourselves to get involved in this cricket frenzy conversation on Twitter.
But, with no partnership or any other collaboration how can a brand about animals get involved in Cricket?

What we did:
We introduced 9 cute animal characters on the day of the semi-final match between India and West Indies and announced that these cute animals were going to perform live commentary for this showdown match on Twitter.


Right from the announcement, we started receiving tweets about excitement and anticipation in numbers. During the whole game, we created real time gifs with characters reacting to the events taking place on the field. For example, Virat Kohli’s brilliant performance, Kohli – Rahane Partnership, sixes or fours were some of the moments during India’s batting. Chris Gayle’s early wicket, a catch or losing it, in the end, were some other moments during India’s bowling.







We didn’t only get great numbers, but thousands of positive sentiments.
We got an impression of more than 2.1 million and our engagement rate increased with more than 150% during the match. We also gained more than 300 followers in just 3 hours of the match. There was no contest, no giveaway yet we trended on Twitter amongst all the Indian brands who were talking about the match in India.

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