A Mother is always a mother.

Task at hand:
With Mother’s day just around the corner, we wanted to make something special for all the mothers out there. So we decided to make a video for the occasion. But the challenge was to connect it to the brand i.e. Animal Planet.

What we did:
With a deep thought of showing the bonding of pet owners with their pets, we made a video appreciating all the pet mothers out there on Mother’s Day. While everyone knows that a mother’s love is forever, we wanted to show how ‘a mother is always a mother’. Be it to a child or to a pet.

The video featured a pet mother and her dog, which showed how, like every other mother, she takes care and shares a relationship with her child (dog). The video was loved and shared by more than 2 million people on Facebook within a couple of days.

The video received more than 25,000 shares on Facebook and 300+ retweets on Twitter.
All in all, the campaign hit the numbers and touched a million hearts on Mother’s day.

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