Stories that you will relate to.

Task at hand:
Mumbai Railway was a show highlighting all the amazing features and statistics of what we call the lifeline of Mumbai. All the facts and statistics were amusing but not something that makes people relate to the show. So how do we get those emotions out from Mumbaikars who believe that Mumbai Railway is a lifeline for them.

What we did:
We started the campaign with a collaboration with Humans of Bombay, a community that captures Mumbai and its people in the most interesting way. In association with Humans Of Bombay, we came up with ten different stories of people from different walks of life that travel in Mumbai Railway. From a college going girl to an old uncle traveling in Mumbai Railway since more than 2 decades, from the newspaper vendor at Churchgate station to the Dabbawallas traveling every day to deliver food, we featured ten stories of Mumbaikars that connect with Mumbaikars on an emotional level.

After uploading the first five stories, we went on streets with our production team to record some more stories and made a video series of people sharing their stories and experiences connected to Mumbai Railway. Students, filmmakers, housewives, service men, working women, etc., everyone shared their story and the videos were published across all the social media platforms one at a time.

The response to this series was overwhelming with fans sharing and relaying to all the stories.

To get further engagement, we hosted a contest on our Facebook page and asked our fans to share what Mumbai Railway means to them. This contest wasn’t just for engagement but also for build up of our final video in which people have shared what Mumbai Railway means to them.


While the show captured the technical aspects of Mumbai Railway, we, on the other hand, captured the emotional stories of Mumbai Railway and presented it to the world.

The overall response for the campaign was enormous as people shared both, the stories and the videos on a large scale. We don’t like to brag about this but yes, we made it to the top trends on Twitter on the day of the last episode of Mumbai Railway.

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