One of a kind show with one of its kind online-offline promotion.

The task at hand.
With Racing Extinction, a show highlighting the effects and causes of nearing sixth mass extinction, we had a task of not just promoting the show but also making people aware about the extinction.

What we did:
We started with the content highlighting the human activities that are leading to sixth extinction. We then collaborated with influencers and got them to post short videos and pictures to announce the show on social media.

Influencers shared our content including the number of species left in the wild and how close they are to extinction, etc. This generated positive sentiments online along with the show promotion. 15 Days prior to the premiere of this show, we started a series of countdown videos ending with a question that got the audience thinking. These videos were also posted by influencers asking people if they can imagine the world without these animals.

Few days prior to the premiere, we announced the #Startwith1thing campaign in which we had sent placards to influencers in different cities of India encouraging them to share one thing that they will do to save our planet. Influencers clicked a picture of themselves with their #startwith1thing task written on the placard and posted it across their social media platforms.

With just 3 days left for the premier of the show, we went out on a social experiment with an Elephant mascot encouraging people to take a pledge to #startwith1thing. While we went out on the streets, the live tweeting of our offline activity kept our users engaged and got them to share their #startwith1thing tasks with us. With this activity, we didn’t just create buzz online but offline as well.

With the online-offline connect we were able to achieve our objective by not just making people aware but also encouraging them to start with one thing to save our planet. And of course, the client was happy to see the outcome of the show promotion campaign.

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