Saving endangered tigers. One emoji at a time.

Task at hand:
Every year Animal Planet brings its annual month long anthology of ‘Where tigers rule’ in the month of March. The show’s main objective is to promote tiger conservation with the help of different shows.

We took the challenge of not just promoting the show but also spreading awareness about Tiger conservation.

What we did:
We decided to make them aware about tiger extinction with the most expressive things at present – emojis.

Yes, emojis.

We kicked off our #UseTigerEmoji campaign with a video which showed how often we use animal emojis like dogs, cats, dolphins etc. but don’t even remember the last time we used the tiger emoji. With a thought that ‘tigers are not just getting extinct from the wild but also from our keyboards’, we made a  campaign to spread awareness about Tiger conservation.

The whole idea of the campaign was to encourage people to #UseTigerEmoji and spread awareness about tiger extinction. As we all know, “knowledge is the first step” so, the introductory video was followed by posts about Tiger extinction, facts, etc to raise awareness about our campaign. We then encouraged our followers to sign up for this cause by just retweeting our tweet. By getting them to sign up, we were tracking the number of emojis used each week by each user and also the total number of tiger emojis used during the whole campaign.

The response for the whole campaign was massive! Hundreds of fans signed up for the cause and a total of 16,820+ tiger emojis were used during the course of the campaign. The numbers were followed by the heart-warming messages from fans across India appreciating the campaign.

We even created special Tiger emojis of different moods for users to update them as their Facebook profile picture and encourage others to create awareness as well. We took the activity offline by sharing customized tiger emoji masks with people and encouraging them to click a picture. People shared their images with tiger emoji masks on social media that further added to our objective of creating awareness.


More that 16,ooo Tiger emojis were used during the course of the campaign and the campaign video received 100,000+ video views.

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